…you are as much in a movie experience as a theatrical one; the sound being mixed live by Matt Angove…
Blood & Chocolate - Charles Hutchinson, York Press

Current & Upcoming Projects:

15 Minutes Live - Slung Low
The Fairy Portal - RSC and Slung Low

If you would like to get in touch with me in regards to more information about past work and productions or if you have a any work that you would like to be undertaken, than please feel free to email me.


Although I have spent most of my career engineering shows, creating sound effects and working on system designs, I have done some composing from time to time. These can range from little stings that are needed for scene changes all the way through to stand alone pieces.

These examples will keep on changing so do pop back in the future to see what has changed and listen to the latest things that I have been working on.


The ‘plays’ playlist showcases some radio plays that I have, bar the composition, designed the sound for, using live Foley sound effects as well as pre-recorded ones. They were recorded live, in-front of an audience and then I did some post-production on them after the event.

Working on these kind of projects require a good relationship with the Director, Composer, performers and the Foley artists involved. Well organised prep work is required to make sure that the rehearsals and performances go smoothly and an achievable idea for the final product should be thought about as these types of projects are never as straight forward as you may think.


This section highlights the software that I use most often in my designs and creations and so I thought that I would let you know a lose model of how I work, and the capabilities that I have at my disposal. Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list, it highlights the style of delivery that I am most often asked to provide. If you have any questions, be it knowledge of equipment and/or software or just a simple availability check then please do feel free to ‘Contact Me’ and get in touch.
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Working heavily in theatre has meant the need for show with many cues, automated as well as manual. Working with both the free and premium versions, programming audio and video I have vast experience of this software and working as both Sound Designer and Sound Operator I know how to make complicated things look and work simply.

Logic Pro X

Every professional in the audio industry has their favourite editing software and DAW. Logic is mine and having used various predecessors before this and having numerous third party plug-ins and instruments mean that a lot can be accomplished from only a very simple brief.
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Access to audio resources and media is a necessity and Snapper gives me the chance to search through thousands of sound effects with a simple ‘one word search’ and let’s me work efficiently and effectively.


Whilst not a piece of software that is essential in designing sound per se, numerous Designers that I have worked with have used this software to create models and drawings and so the knowledge of this program let’s me make sure that I have positioned equipment in the most appropriate location.
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