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“Bourne’s brilliant retelling...a superb adaptation of William Golding’s novel. Thrilling"
Lord Of The Flies ***** - Independent
Here is an example of some of the work that I have undertaken in the past. I have worked on a range of projects, from operating sound on West End Musicals and Dance, as well as designing sound for many shows, including UK tours and regional theatres. There will be more added in due course, but I have shown a few of the highlights for now.


Below is a simple selection of examples from these shows, including radio plays, music composition, video trailers, and show descriptions.
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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer
Sound Engineer

In 2015 an army of 137 performers from the Sheffield People’s Theatre performed James Phillips’ contemporary reworking of the King Arthur myths.

Set  a little in a future Camelot: The Shining City was the story of Bear, a young orphan who leads a revolution to become England’s new Queen before the revolution overtakes even her.

The show was sold-out every night to 600+ audience, and involved a combination of both indoor and outdoor theatre, massive pyrotechnics as well as the well known Slung Low Headphone sound design and filmic sound delivery.

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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer

The Emergency Story Unit is a secret organisation that deploy at a moment’s notice to wherever in the world there’s a story emergency.

A show for the entire family that includes puppetry and music, it is a power surge for any story minded soul!

As a part installation piece, it encorporated a sound design that used both the Slung Low Headphone system, as well as a bespoke small speaker system for the fixed element of the show.

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Company: New Adventures
Role: Associate Sound Designer
Sound No.1

A new dance production of William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies. The action is transferred from deserted island to deserted theatre. A group of schoolboys find themselves abandoned. With no adults around they start to make their own rules and create their own civilisation, before order breaks down and the story builds to an electrifying climax.

I was working as Associate Sound Designer and Sound Operator with Sound Designer Paul Groothuis and Composer Terry Davies, it was a sound design that varied from emotionally subtle to body shaking, using a large amount of traditional sound design techniques and toured the UK for the majority of 2014.

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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer
Sound Engineer

The crew of the Pequod are going to sea because it’s their job.  But Ahab, captain of the Pequod, is not going to sea for the oil or for the money. Ahab is going for revenge. Revenge on the vast whale that took him down into the black depths of the ocean. Revenge on the greatest whale in all the oceans: a perfectly white whale.  And Ishmael, a young man new to whaling, he’s going to sea seeking a hunter’s violence.

There is a video of the show further on down the page.

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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer
Sound Engineer
Post-Production Mixer
Foley Artist

This is the latest installment of Slung Low’s radio plays. and involves scripts written by acclaimed and well established writers as well as those that have never show their work before.

Using a live 5-piece band with bespoke musical composition, as well as live sound effects, pre-recorded sounds and then included editing and producing the results from the recordings of the day. These are available

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Company: Sheffield Theatres and Stage Entertainment
Role: Sound No.1

This was the Christmas show in the Crucible theatre and was a full on version of Cole Porter’s classic musical. It follows the farcical events and situations that Billy Crocker and Reno Sweeney find themselves in.

I was working with Sound Designer Simon Baker and working with equipment such as a DiGiCo SD7T desk as well as a line array system, 36 ways of radios and a 14 piece band kept me busy. I handed over the show to continue on the restive the UK Tour.

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Company: Unlimited Theatre
Sound Designer

First produced at the Bush Theatre, the show took the financial crisis of 2008 and explained it so that even I could understand it. The audience, after having been separated into two teams, have to try and win as much of £10,000 that is on stage(!).
Having to design Sound for the production as well as program and part design the video this was great fun.

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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer
Sound Engineer

The world is over run by the vampiric horde. On the island state of Singapore the followers of Guru Chester Rickwood held out against the beasts for much longer than most- despite a lack of defences.
As one of the few remaining humans left on the planet the audience came to the Old School to find out what their secret was, and if it would help them in the face of the vampires that are approaching up the hill.
The show performed in Old School for a run of 15 sell-out shows in April 2012.

A headphone based experience, it was the first time some of the audience members had contact with he headphone theatre experience and so simplicity and subtlety were equally as important.

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Company: Slung Low
Role: Sound Designer
Sound Engineer

Converging Paths was a series of shows that were based on author Matthew David Scott and his book ‘
The Ground Remembers’. It follows the friendship of two young men as a mutual friend disappears.

Being spread out, over five different shows, in five different locations around the the North Yorkshire, UK it was important to make sure that the delivery was as close to being identical in each location as well as delivering a sound system in castles, on hills as well as on a moving train.


Below are a couple of video from projects that I have worked on.

The 1st is a trailer for the show ‘The White Whale’ where I did the sound design, sound effects and engineered rehearsals and performances. Details & credits for the show can be found
The 2nd is Blood & Chocolate. This is a video of the entire show that was shown in parallel with the performance one evening. My role on this project was the same as The White Whale, with more details about the show found
The next video is a trailer of ‘TRY’, a couple of shows I had the pleasure of being Sound Designer on. It was a show in two parts. The first one was a small touring show called ‘Rugby Songs’ made by Slung Low and Dep Arts. The second was a show by Tangled Feet called ‘Collective Endeavour’. Both were commissioned to celebrate the arrival of the 2016 Rugby World cup and convey the emotions, feelings and need for Rugby to be a beating drum in the UK’s sport culture. More information can be found

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